Kodungalloor: ‘Vidyarambham’ broke religious grounds as a mosque followed suite. The Imam of the first mosque in India–the Cheraman Juma Masjid– here initiated Jisha Mol into the world of words by assisting her inscribe the first letter of Malayalam alphabet on a slate. This practice is usually prevalent in Hindu temples, at the time of ‘Navaratri’ celebrations.

Krishnan, Jisha Mol’s father, said that even though a Hindu, his reverence towards the Islamic believes made him choose such a Vidyarambham for his daughter.

The Imam, Al Hafiz Fathahudin Al Hasani said that, imparting knowledge is an important aspect of Islamic religion. He said that the act was inspired by the Koran verse, ‘Read, in the name of your Creator.’ The incident affirms the secular heritage of Kodungallore and Cheraman Juma Masjid.

Press report in Malayalamanorama.com on 18th OCT 14:47 hrs IST