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Honestly I am really unimpressed by the argument that modern education is the cure for all the maladies of Muslim World

Educational backwardness is only ONE of the symptoms of the main problem.

Modern education today, practically speaking is pure pursuit of better economics of life.

Educational institutions, with the most noble mission statements, merely manufacture the candidates for the corporate world, not society at large

Who cannot accept the fact Colleges are no more than hang-out clubs for its students, social status for parents and livelihood for teachers

And for the same reason, how can we expect world movers and shakers from these institutions whose candidates haven’t heard the word: social commitment

Humanity needs 3 things 2day – a spiritual interpretation of the universe, spiritual emancipation of the individual… (IQBAL)

…and basic principles of a universal import directing the evolution of human society on a spiritual basis (IQBAL)