by Jaihoon

Love is an intense state of human emotion. Not all lovers can retain their logical reasoning during such a state. The lover becomes unusually proud and feels he possesses the greatest wealth in the world.

The Holy Prophet is adored by all creations of Allah. He was a friend of the animals and plants. (Refer hadiths concerning the various incidents). He showed mercy to children and warned men about the rights of women.

Today when Tasbih met me on the road
Enquired to me about the tears rolled

‘Look at you, O Jaihoon-
What has fallen on your heart?

Who set your heart on fire-
Pushed you in this state dire?

Repied I,

O Tasbih!
My logic prostrated before his love
I began to wish as if had I no morrow

In that moment of passionate burning
I emptied the whole cup of his yearning

Hard it was to tell my joy from pain
I knew not if I was laughing or in tears

I set my soul free from time and space
I leaped into worlds at lightning pace

I forgot all my faults in his love
My brush broke unable to draw

I became proud as Pharoah
I became wealthy as Qarun

Majnun saluted my passion
Farhad envied my devotion

Ah! Paradise among the gardens of his land?
All the world’s beauty drops from his ocean

Every one claims he is their own
He is the friend of every creation born

Ants say he is their saviour
Plants say he raised their honor

Deers say he is their friend
Camels say he their well wisher

Clouds competed for giving him shade
Mountains ready to turn gold for his love

Children say only he showed them mercy
Women say her rights were from his miracle

Angels admired none like him
Even HE chose him for beloved

O Tasbih!
Why should I not drink his wine
My soul not roam on his love lane?

O yes, not for once have i seen him
O yes, yet he is not stranger to me

I love him since the day I had a soul
From mother’s womb to even after I die

He is the whole of my heart
Nay, he is my very heart

A wonderful flower if I am to you
He is the scent which flows in me

O Tasbih!
This is a endless tale of passion sans reason
Dont take me to task for my human emotion

Tell not a soul of my heretic lines
Thrown away shall I be for my madness

Sep 03 2010