Tweets of the One Day Trip to Kerala on 08/9/2010

PATIENCE must be the largest element of the trials of travel I guess

OK. So I am at Cochin now,instead of Calicut just as I UNexpected. A martyr of Air India Express nonsense flight mismanagement

Majeed is my driver. We stopped for Fajr. The journey continues..

It is only now I understand that by alternative arrangements, AI meant other flights as per THEIR CONVENIENCE

Isn’t it an irony that the national carrier of worlds 4th largest GDP nation is in such S***

On the flight, while all were seated on respective seats, one sick man was laid on floor, PAID

With Allah’s infinite mercy that,despite the rain and lightning, flight landed in the same shape it took off from Sharjah

Mom-made dahi vada,dosa,chickn fry lavished my suhoor. What other reasons to miss mom…

Today is a super race WITH time as ordaind by Lord.Wish to do a lot befor sunset.

A test drive to check my share from the treasury of destiny. Nothing to lose except my thrill.

It is indeed a control-shift from the 50 degree burning UAE to 25 degree raining Kerala. Both are wonders of nature in its own right.

Majeed, the taxi driver, is very silent. I am too sleepy myself to keep him engaged.

He says we have reached Trichur, Thrissur, Thrishur…actually all the same

Kerala is to vulgar bigmouths what politics is to scoundrels

CEO of the to be launchd satellite channel,DARSANA, has invited me to check out their studio in calicut

Reached Perumpilav. Ansar school and hospital are the only 2 things I know here.A group of investors to build engineering college here

I was invited to co-invest by one of ts main promoters. Destiny willed otherwise considering my empty pockets

Majeed is very dedicatd to his job never bothering me a bit from tweeting

We hav skipped major towns to avoid delays

Picked my cousin from Edappal. My hometown is still in a messy under-construction stage with less roads and more ditches

A PMSA Orphanage bus was seen trying to turn thanks to the extra space in front of Sri Narayana Guru institute.

Seated on the stage of Rahmathullah Qassimi speech in calicut. This is the concluding day of his annual Ramadan speech

An aged aalim is makin dua now.

The soft-spoken Sayyid has arrivd…

Mission Nizamuddin released by PC Jaffar, the young IAS graduate,at Calicut.

Now heading to hometown for meeting grandparents, insha Allah

Dr. Bahauddin Nadwi has invited to meet him at Darul Huda Islamic University

Jafar IAS,who released the book,is the collector of Mandya district in Karnataka

Just inaugurated the website,, an aspiration of few dedicated youths in Edappal. Met with Edappal-based writer P. Surendran

Heading for iftar to meet with my love and my second son Muhannad, finally

Final level of race WIITH time is on track. No complaints,only gratitude to the Lord

I am again at the que of waiting. Feel like having a coffee, missing my mom for the same reason

Finally boarding back to Sharjah. Mission accomplished by the grace of Allah. The one day dash is over.

Muhannad is in deep sleep and dreaming probably

I am having my coffee while the que lasts

M Mukundan,the popular Malayalam writer, is sitting in the same hall waiting for the final call

Spoke with the writer and he’s heading to Bahrain. He inquired about my whereabouts and was impressed…

At least one of the passengers seated in the hall recognized the former chairman of Kerala Sahitya Academy…

Had good sleep after reaching home. Eid is declared tomorrow, so today would be the last obligatory fast of the year.