The influence of Arabia is evident in every walk of Keralites’s life. The arts and music are shaped by many factors, and the sand dunes is one of them in case of Kerala. Suffice is to say that the pronunciation of Arabic words is not just the monopoly of Muslim artists.

There are number of non-Muslims artists who sing songs that are direct import of the culture of Arabia. This maybe common in North India as well, but that is due to the presence of Urdu which is itself a product of India-Arab ties. But in Khairullah, or Kerala, the scenario is different. It is difficult to find a language-conscious community like Keralites. (This of course is being challenged with the new generations). This is a state where intellectuals have a greater say in the matters of society. Coming to the songs, I happened to hear a song by Yesudas , the legendary singer of Kerala (an active social worker also) whose voice echoes in the heart of every Malayalee on this planet. It is indeed a matter of pride and wonder that a Christian singer is able to bring home the breeze of Arabia through his enchanting voice. The surprising fact is not that a single song had a vast Arabic vocabulary rather the pronunciation of the Arabic words. A quick count showed the following words and phrases:

ya nabi salam alaikum
Muhammad yaseen
ya habeeb salam alaikum
Marhaba ya Muhammad Noor
Al Aameen
Mashriq, Maghrib, Shams
Ashraf al Khalq
Deen Islam

Below is the translation of few lines from the song.

Peace to you Oh Prophet, Oh Muhammad Yaseen,
Peace to you Oh beloved, Oh dear one of Hashim family,
Welcome Oh the light of Muhammad, the Trustworthy for everyone
The festivities have begun in Madina with the coming of Prophet
The sand dunes are in rhythm
The Ansars (helpers of Prophet) are welcoming the Best of all Creations ! Peace to you Oh Prophet, O Muhammad Yaseen,
Peace to you Oh beloved, O dear one of Hashim family,

The grape vines are singing welcome for the Holy Prophet The Prophet is coming…
Everyone is rushing into the religion of Islam Peace to you Oh prophet, O Muhammad Yaseen,
Peace to you Oh beloved, O dear one of Hashim family