Love, like other affairs of life, requires creativity from the part of the lover. Only way to preserve love in its youth is to innovate the ways in which it is expressed.

by Jaihoon

Everything in this world
Is created to become old

Men and women get aged
Wrinkled; they get raged

Lovers often complain
‘Our love lost its old shine’

‘He adores me no longer
She cares not like before’

The mind with the body
Both look for a remedy

To all those who an answer seek
Jaihoon has these lines to speak:

Change drives the Existence
Change makes the ancient modern

Change is that perfume
The lover in it’s consume(d)

The wine of love remains same
Only the cup be changed with time

O Lover! Discover new means
What each color of love means

Contemplate new ways to express
Innovate the words to impress

Who said Love is heart-alone affair
The mind too keep the youthful fire

Love does not come easy
You cannot afford to be lazy

Love is an emotion supreme
It demands change all the time

Oct 05 2010