Kerala has contributed much into the development of Arabic language and literature. The Arabs had come directly to Kerala for spreading Islam and as such Arabic language is evident here in its real form. Many Arab travelers and scholars have praised the Keralites’ way of pronunciation.

Arabic was given great prominence in the syllabi of the religious schools. Ponnani was an important center of learning.

A prescribed system of graduation was prevalent in those days. Vazhakkad was another important center of Madrassas. Kerala has also produced many writers of fame. The most notable of them was of course Zainudhin Makhdum, the author of Thuhfathul Mujahideen. His treatise on Shafi’te Jurisprudence, Fathul Mueen, became textbook in Egyptian universities. Umar Qazi and Noorani were excellent Arabic poets.

In the modern era, Arabic is taught at university levels including post graduation. Different organizations run colleges and schools for the promotion of Arabic language. It was mainly due to the efforts of C.H. Mohammed Koya, that Arabic began to enjoy an academic status at government expense.

The spiritual head of Malabar, honorable Panakkad Syed Muhammad Ali Shihab Thangal, is himself well versed in Arabic. There are associations formed by Arabic teaching lecturers for the promotion of the language.