Nov 05 2010, Sharjah : A believer should always strive for perfection in his life, said Mujeeb Jaihoon at the Sahityolsav 2010 conducted by Risala Study Center in Al Maarifa School, Sharjah. Citing an incident from the life of Prophet Sulayman, when he asked to bring the throne of Queen of Sheba, the jinn offered to bring it before the Prophet would arise from his seat. Not content with the speed, he demanded it even quicker. Another man who had knowledge from the Revealed Book offered to bring it in a wink of an eye. The latter’s was accepted. A believer is always fast and accurate in his life.

Jaihoon also suggested that the organizers should try to conduct such programs in a way more suitable and appealing for the students based on the resident country’s norms than to follow the outdated methodology of back home country.