– Jaihoon

She looked into my eyes deep
And into my heart made a giant leap

If in love you lose your self
This was it

If in love you see worlds other
This was it

If in love is the joy of death
This was it

With the aid of her eye she enquired
Tell me how much me have you endeared?

What would I say about
A thing I always did doubt

As much as the stars in the sky
As much as the mountains high

As much as the foam in the seas
As much as on tree are the leaves

As deep as her own eyes
As vast as her own heart

As much as her love
Ah! How much do I love?

Love is a sum total
Of this world and hereafter

How then could I love explain
In words worldly so silly, plain?

O my love
Only a thing which ends has numbers
Love, but, burns ever without embers

Love began before we were ‘being’
It extends even after we go ‘un-being’

I will have no answer on this earth
Nor when I wait for my destiny beneath

Love is hard to weigh or count
For every scale known it is abound

It is a crime to measure
Make not to me this gesture

Love, like Soul, is a matter of HIS Domain
We only feel its signs which include pain

Therefore ask me not this again
‘Coz love is not for count as grain

Force me not to commit this sin
Not if you are of my love kin

Nov 27 2010