– Jaihoon

My Drink when I dry
My Hope when I die
Your love makes me fly
Even stars seem not so high

The Rose of my garden
The honey in my hive
The pearl in my shell
Clouds in my sky

Secret of my joy
And joy in my cry
Sweet are the tears
Flowing in your thoughts

Meaning of life
Yearning of love
Savior when I forget
Of my heart the target

Waste is that ‘I’
Unable to reach nigh
Shepherd of my Emotion
Lighthouse of my Reason

Love and mercy your rays
Peace and patience your ways
Greatness humbles to you embrace
Humility, but, makes your station rise

It is from ‘You’
My ‘I’ springs its existence
It is your Light
Locked in the vault of my being

Moments in your praise
Prolong hours to years
Time forgets itself
Place loses itself

O Beloved
My heart be sacrificed
At the altar of your Love
Your love is poise and power
How, then, I be not your lover?

Dec 09 2010