Sayyed Shihab Thangal’s memoir on the headmaster and founding member of MM High School, PV Mohammed Translated by Jaihoon

Madrasathul Mohammadiyya (MM High School) in those days was popular in Malabar and elsewhere due to the combined education of modern and religious subjects.

As I completed my primary education from the DMRT UP school at Panakkad, and began exploring the options for joining high school, my relatives at Calicut suggested Madrasathul Mohammadiyya to my father. Besides, they also advised that I could stay at a relative’s house close to the school.

Thus I joined at the first forum in the school. High school education in those times had a duration of four years. In 1953, I left the institution after completing my SSLC.

The teachers of Arabic and other subjects were very proficient. And the head master P.V Mohammed Sahib was an excellent teacher in all aspects.

He paid special attention in the teaching of English language. He was well-versed at the language as well as the grammar classes. He was strict in the matter of discipline. Although he carried a cane in hand he would use it only when necessary. More appropriate would be to say that he used it very rarely.

Once in 9th standard when we sat to chat during the break hour, the headmaster entered in our classroom. I still recall his light hearted words, “these are the children of great scholars. Do not waste your time with idle talk.” That joke also contained the message that one should not waste the time

As SSLC exam approached near, he advised to pay more attention in science and mathematics. I was slightly backward in those subject. He told me to show interest in them so as to ensure my success in the exams.

As he wished, I was fortunate to travel abroad for further studies. During that occasion I went to meet him for his well wishes.

Years later when I leant of his demise during a journey, I reached Chavakkad and conveyed my sorrow to his family. I pray for my dear headmaster