Chandrika Daily, 16 Feb 2002.

It is only a culturally conscious student generation that can lead the future Kerala, said Panakkad Syed Muhammad Ali Shihab Thangal, the state president of Indian Union Muslim League.

He was speaking at the concluding function of MSF Conference (Muslim Student Federation) held at the ‘Cordoba’ city in Kerala.

The responsibility of the new century is in the hands of the student generation. Hence they shall strive to become a model community with the ideals of education and culture. For, Islam is a religion that uncultured an uncivilized race.

Islam delivered humanity from the darkness of evil. Kindle your life with the light of Tawhid. Go in search of the Islam’s path which led Europe to knowledge. The responsibility of believer is to enjoin good and forbid evil.

Today materialism is encroaching within the folds of the Muslim community. Our villages are becoming the victims to the evils of Western hegemony. Terrorism and Militancy are becoming the tools for destruction. Only education and humility can help to outlive them.