Tripoli (Libya): World Islamic People’s Leadership conducted The International Tasawwuf Representatives Conference in Tripoli, Libya

In the conference which was attended by renowned sufis and scholars from over thirty countries, India was represented by Sayyid Munawwar Ali Shihab Thangal and President of Indo-Arab Cultural Society, Abdul Sami’ Bubere.

Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Sherif, Secretary General World Islamic People’s Leadership, chaired the meeting. The conference discussed about the significance of Tasawwuf as a branch of knowledge.

Suggestions such as publishing books for the study of Tasawwuf, establishing a comprehensive website that involves social networking, building special educational institutions were put forward. Prof. Ibrahim al-Guwaili and Dr. Sayyid Muhammed Shahumi presided over the meeting.

The meeting has also decided to conduct the second International Conference of World Forum for Sufism, ‘Tasawwuf’, from February 8th-12th in Tripoli.

To make the Tasawwuf conference a grant success the meeting has created an organizing committee in which Sayyid Munawwar Ali Shihab Thangal has been given the in-charge of Asian continent. Sayyid Munawwar Ali proposed that for the youth should be made aware of the significance of Tasawwuf, the authorities should provide the facilities that enable students to study Islam through Tasawwuf and also proposed the eradication of misconceptions that exists about the movement.

Based on report published in Middle East Chandrika, Dec 17 2010