Sep 22 2002 : Jaihoon’s first book, Egoptics, was released at Indian Association Sharjah.

Welcome speech

Mr. KHM Ashraf
Set the right tone to begin the event using the words “young charismatic genius,” which aptly described the author of Egoptics.

Mr. Rashid Al Leem

Spoke very highly about the contribution made by the Indian expatriate community in the UAE. The fact that he attended this event just after returning from an important business meeting portrayed his generosity to the Indian community and his interest in this noble cause.

Release of the book
Syed Basheer Ali Shihab & David Musa Pidcock

Syed Basheer Ali Shihab
President, Kerala Muslim Educational Association

Said Faiq

His review of the book has certainly garnered a lot of interest in Egoptics. His mention of the “difficulties” in critiquing a novel idea – an amalgamation of thoughts and observations – using common terminology with embedded meaning is surely justified. Egoptics can be best summarized through Said Faiq’s words – “complexity in the most simplest” presentation.

Key note speech
David Musa Pidcock

A renowned economist, David Musa Pidcock, started his speech with some interesting insights into his links to India. He then followed with some in-depth analysis of history, specifically Islamic history. The highlight of his speech was his portrayal of how Islam as a religion excels as a system but suffers due to the ignorance of its own believers.

Review (in Malayalam)
Najeeb Kanthapuram

A journalist from Kerala who emphasized the humanism embedded in EGOPTICS and the overall influence of Iqbal and Rumi seen in the book.

Complementary speech

Dr. Razia Irfan
An earlier professor of Jaihoon, Dr. Razia Irfan gave the audience a first hand experience on Jaihoon as a student and also made a mention of the remarkable achievement of Jaihoon’s parents.

Complementary speech
M K Madhavan & Sa’ad Porakkad
Complimentary speeches congratulating the author on his achievements. Their association with him has helped in creating a perfect setting for the youngster to mark his launch pad.

Thank you speech
Ansar Babu
School mate of Jaihoon, winded the ceremony with mention of how the evening was witness to development in many manners – an Indian expatriate student in the UAE, bred out of the Indian & American educational system, currently employed in a government organization; has compiled his work of the past decade into a book. A complex adventure by a simple human being – vintage Jaihoon!