Highlights of Jaihoon’s speech at Winter Camp for Students held at the Indian Islamic Center Abu Dhabi on 31 Dec 2010

We all talk to our selves. It can be good and bad as well, funny or serious.

About others: Window Analysis

This is our self talk on others. We do this often about our parents, friends, teachers and others. But this is to do with others and it basically leads to nowhere

About us: Mirror Analysis

Should I have been so angry or should I have been angrier? Did I have to hit him harder or forgive him? Should I had to attend this camp or gone out with friends?

You could also ask yourself whether your life is going generally the direction it should be. Should I be praying more? Should I be getting closer to God? Am I making a difference in others’ lives? Does my balance sheet for the day make sense?

Criticize yourself before others criticize you.

If you criticize yourself, then the world will praise you. That is what we learn form the lives of great people.

Self criticism leads to perfection.

Remember, perfection is future tense. Today has to be better than yesterday. Tomorrow better than today. Next year should be better than this year.

Saying Asthaghfirullah is another form of self criticism which you admit and submit your faults and sins before God and struggle to be a good person.

Whether you spend your time on Facebook or Twitter, it depends on how you use it. It is your actions which decide your destiny. Whether you want to fall into the category of Noor or Naar is based on your decisions and actions. What you make out of these camp hours…?

As Sir Iqbal reminded us,

“Amal say zindagi banti hai jannat bhi jahannam bhi,
Ye khaki apni fitrat main na noori hai na naari”