Musafirs’ response to the article The poverty of ideas

The fact is that we are not having ‘Poverty of ideas’. Rather we are in an era of Poverty of Right action.

With the coming of Information age, we are virtually breathing, swimming and walking through information and vise versa: it is surrounding us form every possible side. And we can access the required information from anywhere and create ideas or debate ideas face to face or even remotely.

But no one is in for ‘action’. Right action. The reason why Prophet Muhammed (SAW) was sent was to be a ‘LIVING Example’ with action rather than words and He was ‘Living Qur’an’

I have come across many ideas that had the capability of changing lives, but the ‘Idea makers’ are ‘impotent ‘ in action capacity. It resulted in the failure of the idea to even create speak in the listener’s heart; forget the far reaching potential it holds.

If the ‘Idea’ which originated in the mind cannot change the body of the same person who created it, then that idea is as good as a ‘passing wind’ of mind, humor apart.

We do not need to think about others at all for we are not the caretakers of the Ummah (Muslim nation) at large. Rather we are the caretakers of our own Iman (faith) and our own destination. We will be judged for our action alone, and will be walk the ‘Bridge of Sirat’ alone. What we can do is to bring the Ideas into action in our lives to change the surroundings and that will reflect into others thoughts which ‘Inshallah will bring change in their actions.

To some extend, I do not blame the older generation for not ‘doing more’. For, they have done their part well. The generation before my parents went through hell to get the ‘Physical freedom’ from enslavement, and our parents generation toiled hard day and night to bring us in the Air conditioned offices only to see us write complaints against them. We merely sit and complain, complain and complain, but beware, we may be leading on the path of Children of Israel, who did the same work of complaining and grumbling all the time without any action of gratitude towards God or His believers.

In the world there are tons of groups and tons of activism going on but not for the right reason. Why? Because it’s all to do with: I think the best and my Ideas are the best. Its not IDEA , Sir Ji, Its ACTION. We do need to reduce the amount of writing and speeches which have been written and delivered already.