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[Dr Razia Irfan, Professor of Economics, Sharjah College, gave the audience a first hand experience on Jaihoon as a student and also made a mention of the remarkable achievement of Jaihoon’s parents]

Summarized transcript of speech by Dr. Razia Irfan at the release function of EGOPTICS on Sep 22 2002

Well, I am not about to give a big speech or review the book in detail like others have. You already have good picture by now.

Just this morning while I was at work, the author called me up and invited me to speak. So I just gathered my thoughts… these are just the reflections of a teacher, a student counselor and a quick reader.

First I congratulate him for the successful release of his book. But the efforts and encouragement of some of the behind the scene players, if I may say so, is also commendable. Yes, I am referring to his parents who brought him up to the person he is, his teachers who guided and inspired him and the complete environment of friends and relatives that he grew up with. He has truly done us proud.

A few words about the author of EGOPTICS. He has been my student for three courses. A keen, enthusiastic and dedicated student. His eagerness to learn and know more, his determination to fully understand things that intrigued him, his skepticism of issues he couldn’t accept were remarkable. He stood out as different from rest of the class.

As a teacher, I found him to have certain attributes which were peculiar. A strange combination I should say. Intelligent but curious, friendly but reserved, introspective but expressive, sensitive but confident… and philosophical but pragmatic.