On the one sided justice of Neo-Imperialists

– Jaihoon

If you shoot it’s an act of terrorism
If we shoot it’s “unspeakable tragedy”.

If we force to uncover
It’s our progressive love for humanity

If you force to cover
It’s suppression of human rights

If we kill millions and starve Thousands
For a WMD doubt that’s an Intel Mistake
If you retaliate-
We wipe off your culture

If we dumb your markets and homes with junk-
That’s globalization
If you do the same-
That’s invasion of our domestic economy

We are inspired by the word of God to crusade you
You are brainwashed by your religion to attack us

We ’embed’ journalists
You are ‘in bed’ with them

When we ‘leak’,
It’s threat of state security
When you ‘leak’
It’s right to information

We demand
You just ask!

We move the puppets
You watch the play

You are either with US
Or …out of this planet

Jan 09 2011