– Jaihoon

You are baffled at what I believe
I am shocked by your mindless lie

My faith for you a mystery
Your denial as old as history

You worship your intellect
I rely on my faithful heart

Your greatest enemy the God
My true friend none but Lord

Your journey ends here
Mine is not but a stop here

Your road is less than ten decades
Mine is infinite in number of days

Hell and heaven are for you naught
All my actions are by its strings caught

All books are for you alike
His Book for me none like

You are for me an intellectual tragedy
And I for you an emotional comedy

I know you wish for my heart-
I see the same what you see-not

Ah my friend.
We both live under His Sun
Although Him I love and you shun

I pray you see realize the beauty-
Of the One Deity, the Mighty

Jan 09 2011