– Jaihoon

The rose said,
‘I bloom for your joy
I am like her, coy

The nightingale said,
I sing to make you smile
I make you with hope sail

The silk said,
I am yours for your beauty
Such is upon me bestowed duty

Honey said,
I give you the taste
None can me waste

The Earth said,
I am vast for your walk
I am patient with your talk

The Moon said,
I am your friend at night
I inspire your pen to write

The Book said,
You learn from my face
I fill your life with grace

All the above asked me why
The reason I held them not nigh

Replied I,
You do have a reason
For my love and liaison

Yet she is for me the dearest
With every good is she fairest

Her love blooms such in me
Listening which you shall get envy

She sings me the tale of love
I forget all the pains of life

She is the beauty of my heart
Of God-made she is a great art

I have tasted nothing like her passion
She lives in my heart’s grand mansion

She is patient with my faults
She endures my love as it jolts

She befriends me day and night
Not for a moment does she hate

I learned from her great lesson-
Love makes ignorance lessen

Not one, but reasons many-
To tell you all will take years many

Jan 12 2010. An Anniversary poem

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