Fall in love to lose weight. This ‘not-so-scientific’ hypothesis was developed after listening to the story of a school-time buddy. This huge guy, who is otherwise not so romantic and poetic, just admitted that he lost 15 kilos in just a month of passive admiration and thoughtful meditation for his dear one.

Although he attributed such a physiological miracle to workouts and exercises, I was not prepared to digest such a cake piece of information wholeheartedly. And it is such an ‘indigestion’ that prompted me to write this hypothesis.

First of all, Love is Love. And nothing but love. It is not a kind of emotion that can accommodate any other persons or objects beside it, left or right. It envies everything, suspects everything that comes closer to the beloved. There are no second thoughts when it comes to love.

Whether earthly or heavenly,
Love can at times seem very silly.
Love resides at the heart,
And not at the belly.

And thus when love’s around, the appetite of the lover is challenged. However, the lover cannot be blamed for this ‘voluntary fasting’. Rather he feels content as long as his heart is full.

A man becomes sad when his heart, and not the belly, is empty. And love is that which fills his heart to the brim. And in such a state, he cannot afford to ‘know’ the feeling of hunger. Nor will anything besides bother.

Most of the diseases today are due to bad eating habits. And when I say bad, I mean in excess quantity and minimum quality. There are lovers who think love is all about filling one’s stomach with burgers and fries- seated together in any of the prestigious food chains.

If one truly sees, then it is only from the hunger-spread countries that great works of art have emerged. From countries of suffering comes the best of all time classics. How can one expect any thought-inspiring literature from cultures whose men are absorbed in luxurious cars or whose women are engrossed in perfumes and clothing?

When our belly is full, we stop to think. When our belly is full, in laziness we are sunk. When our belly is full, we stop where we are. We find no need to make any further improvement in our spiritual life. When our stomach is full, we are robbed of the sweetness of love.

A lover loses weight because his love indirectly burns all his calories. History has recorded lovers who have passed days and nights without any food. Is it because having food interferes in their thought of the beloved? Only a lover can answer that.

But it is only human to feel hungry. It is among those ingredients that Almighty included as a characteristic of a living human being. Nay, even in paradise, He has provided food for its inhabitants.

So are you asking- what is the solution?

There is one.

The Doctor at Medina (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) has prescribed it thus:

‘Eat only when you feel hungry. Fill your stomach, but leave a little hunger behind.’

Therefore let a bit of hunger remain next time you fill your belly. And god-willing, love will fill your heart and everything will seem sweet.

Written seated at the Qasba lagoon.