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Who then is your true ally? Asks Tombstone to the Corpse

foto by Ahmad Masood

- Jaihoon

Said the Tombstone,
“Welcome to the land of rest
Welcome to home of insects

Welcome to life other
New sounds, new weather

Welcome, O Creature of Clay
Adieu to your world of play

Why are you today sad?
Why feel today so bad?

Share with me your plight
Your pain may become light”

Replied the man,

‘I cry for the pain of my dear
For her sanity I am in fear

When in love, separation we buried
When we separated, I lay here buried

What would be her state now?
Her nights she is spending how?

I gave her a mount of love
Nay, it was really pain sky-high

Then she cared for me lot
Now she can’t do a bit

How to apprise her of my state
To not keep her awake so late”

Said the Tombstone,

You cry for her pain
Indeed this is in vain

She cries of her own love-loss
Her own solitude is her business

She is lost in her own sad state
She cares not if you drank or ate

Her pain or joy is the same
It makes no difference in life game

You lived with her for decades six or more
You shall lie beneath me for 100s of years

Who then is your true ally?
I or she – Realize, be not shy”

Replied the Man

“Your logic is indeed sound
Yet the rosary of Hope do I count

Love is not in selfish soil sown
Its reach is beyond worlds known

I care not if she for me cares
As long as live I in her prayers”

Jan 26 2011



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