-BN Sajid speaking at “RIPPLES”, the UAE release of Jaihoon’s third book The Cool Breeze From Hind a spiritual travelogue.

[Mr Sajid is a media person in the UAE. He comes from Hyderabad in India. He’s very closely linked with the Urdu literary society]

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Friends, we are here to celebrate the release the third book of Jaihoon.

Al hamdu lillah, Allah very much loves a man when in his youth works for cause of religion. There is no limit for such love.

It is essential for him to thank Allah. The household of which he is a member also ought to thank Allah. The locality where that house is located has also duty to thank Allah. And the community which shares his mother tongue also gratitude due for the Creator. Because thanksgiving is such a phenomenon about which Allah says “If you are grateful, I will increase for you”. Allah wishes to give man more and more, but man is incapable of holding all of it.

Apparently, we are caught up in a web of ingratitude. The owner or employer is ungrateful that his employees aren’t working well. He has no regard for their hard work. And the workers are themselves ungrateful that their employer is not paying them well. Child and parent are ungrateful to each other. When such is the case, how do you expect Allah’s favors to descend upon us?

Allah loves those who are grateful. Those slaves of Allah who cannot thank each other cannot thank the Creator.

The appropriate use of a blessing is its gratitude. Like for example, if one is blessed with knowledge, then he or she should it in the right manner. This child has used Lord’s blessings in the correct way. Today, countless people are watching his works without limits. Thousands benefit from his website.

The life of Holy Prophet is filled with instances of thanking Allah for every aspect in life… after sleep, while on travel…

We have to thank the Prophet, his companions, our predecessors.

Once Musa (as) passed by a poor beggar while he was going to converse with the Lord. The beggar had only a piece of cloth over his body asked Musa to know what was Lord’s command regarding him. Musa returned with a reply that he had to give thanks to the Creator. The beggar protested, “What blessing do I have to express thanks to Him?”. As soon as he said these words, the cloth over his body was taken away.

Later on, Musa passed by a very wealthy man. The affluent man asked Musa to pray to his Lord to take away the wealth as he feared the Lord’s accountability for such fortune. Musa returned with a reply that his prayer would be fulfilled provided he becomes ungrateful to Allah. The man replied with a shock “How can I do that? I will prefer to hold on to the wealth than to be ungrateful to Allah’s favors!”

There was a great lady saint of Basra by the name of Rabia. One day she saw a man passing on the way with his forehead tied with a bandage. She asked him why he put on the bandage. He replied that he was suffering from headache. “What is your age?” she asked. He replied that he was thirty. She asked, “Till today, how have you passed your life?” He replied, “In perfect health”. She said, “For thirty years the Lord kept you sound, and you did not fly any colors on your body to express your gratitude for His gift, so that people could ask you the reason for your joy and knowing of God’s blessings on you would have praised Him, but when for your own fault you have suffered from a little headache you have tied a bandage and go about exhibiting His harshness to you in making you suffer from headache. What a base act is yours!”

Allah forgives all our sins provided we repent to him. He is waiting to be called upon. But sadly enough, there is none to raise hands towards Him for forgiveness. No matter how much our sins may be, it cannot be greater than His Mercy.

There was a serial killer among the Children of Israel who had murdered 99 people. He was directed to a monk. He came to him and told him that he had killed 99 people and asked him if there was any chance for his repentance to be accepted.” He replied in the negative and the man killed him also, completing one hundred. He then asked about the most learned man on the earth. He was directed to a scholar. He [the murderer] told him that he had killed 100 people and asked him if there was any chance for his repentance to be accepted. The scholar replied in the affirmative and asked, ‘Who stands between you and repentance?’. The advice of the knowledgeable scholar was: ‘Go to such-and-such land; there (you will find) people devoted to worship of Allah. Join them in worship, and do not come back to your land because it is an evil place.’ So he went away and hardly had he covered half the distance when death overtook him; and there was a dispute between the angels of mercy and the angels of torment. The angels of mercy pleaded, ‘This man has come with a repenting heart to Allah,’ and the angels of punishment argued, ‘He never did a virtuous deed in his life.’ Then there appeared another angel in the form of a human being and the contending angels agreed to make him arbiter between them. He said, ‘Measure the distance between the two lands. He will be considered belonging to the land to which he is nearer.’ They measured and found him closer to the land (of piety) where he intended to go, and so the angels of mercy collected his soul.” (Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

The slave of Allah should realize his sin and that is the first step to his forgiveness. Allah’s Mercy is never short for humanity.

I convey my heartiest wishes during this function which calls for gratitude to Allah. May Allah strengthen his pen.