On the atrocities and betrayal by neo imperialist forces

Poor and weaker nations are attacked first, plundering their resources and killing its innocent people, in the name of a few bad apples. After the devastation is complete, the Imperialists, ironically, then call on other nations for rebuilding the destroyed nation. All parties involved profit from the destruction and then reconstruction of the humiliated nation.

Passed I once by two women
Their sad plight I heard when

Both fled from the lands of war-
From Kerbala, and other of Kandahar

Harassed by Hawks
Gunned by the Greedy
Stoned to Shame, and
Sold to the Selfish

One said,

I was once the land of Knowledge
In learning and writing did I indulge

I was the envy of uncivilized world
I was the warmth for the nights cold

As months passed and years elapsed
The knowledge of Time I had grasped

I was patient with my sons’ doings
I survived their every sufferings

But not long ago came the hawks
Who broke open my chaste locks

Ah! Death for me was better
Than live in their shameful fetter

They ruined my honor and shame
And yet put on my children all blame

And then when I had no breath left
They planned to make my health fit

They called upon other birds
Bid my honor for the wealthy hands

No one raised a word of protest
All found ways to be the richest

I became the dice on their table
They bid in ways they were able

The hawks laughed even as I cried
The world made money as I healed”

The other replied,

“Justice is the brag of those in power-
The lot of those who meet in tower

We shall wait, however late
For a new dawn of no hate

Some day we shall be heard
Our misery be to all told

The deaths of Mosul
The funerals of Kabul

The rapes of Baghdad
And tortures of Jalalabad

Some day…
We shall be heard
Our misery be to all told”

Feb 23 2011

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