– by Jaihoon

Said the Nightingale,
Garden is in vain
Rose is my real gain

Said the Night,
Sky for me is lame
Moon is my real aim

Said the Saki,
The cup is of no taste
Wine is what will quench

Said the martyr,
My prey is not the enemy
But the stations of Paradise

Said Majnun,
Her friends just a pretext
Leila alone my eyes see

Said the LORD,
Everything else in cosmos an excuse
Mustafa for ME the only Creative cause

O Beloved!
When in my heart
Opens your Love vault

Not a moment can it withstand
My Soul, in this body-cage

It becomes a stranger
It can no longer linger

It craves for your Love-reach
For its lamp you are the niche

Your love is my weapon
My slogan, my revolution

I have exhausted my words
My throat is dry in your praise

But to tell my love
Have I no other choice

My only claim to paradise
Cherished I your love at times

Accept me here
Recognize me there

I will wish for nothing more
Here neither, there nor

Sallallahu alahi wa sallam…

March 15 2011


Mim (م) is the first Arabic alphabet of the name of the Holy Prophet