Little Venice, London

by Jaihoon

‘Cry, cry and cry
Ah! your Lord is indeed seeing you cry!’

So many roses are coming in praise,
A single thorn is making my pain rise.

Everywhere around is the sound of fame,
From a silent corner is daunt of shame

What is there in my power?
That I can change-
The color of this aversive flower.

Everywhere in the garden,
Is the talk of this Nightingale.
But this Rose still does contain,
Me among the dwellers of hell.

My world is full of joy
Yet I don’t know why I cry
No matter what I try
My eyes are not getting dry.

My heart was shattered
In pieces was it scattered
When with the Shining Sword
Was I badly battered.

What is the worth of all the success I have had
When in those Fearful Eyes I am seen like a devil bad.

For gold and riches,
Have I no appeal.
Yes, my love for those Him-Loving Eyes-
Ah! This I wish not to conceal.

For hours and hours
I was in tears…
Looking for one among my folks
A caring heart that my sorrow hears.

A voice then came from my dear mentor
Much relief did it for me render-

‘Cry, cry Jaihoon
Cry, cry my little one…

Your Lord is indeed seeing you cry!
He is not deaf or blind
Towards every slave
Is He unbelievably kind.

With the warmth of every tear
That like blood flows is He familiar

‘Cry, cry and cry
And let your eyes be never dry.

First melt heart your own
With the fruits of what I’ve sown
The remedy for rest
From Him will be shown.

July 18th