Quran Tafsir by Dr Wasim Ahmed
March 26, 2011

Notes by Jaihoon


A warning for the rulers of Quraysh.

Types of Verses :

Verses 1 – 6 : Ayathul afaq : Nature

Verses 7 – 10 : Ayathul Anfus : Man himself

Verses 11 – 15 : Ayyam Allah : History

Verse 1

An oath to state something important. Sun gives both light and warmth.

Verse 2

Thala : to follow one after the other

Verse 3

Nahar is the daylight, not the 24 hour whole day. Yawm is the whole day of 24 hours.

Verse 4 – 6

There is a contrast between the Sun and Moon, Sky and earth, Day and Night. Each chase the other. Although they are opposites, the function together as in the system of Allah’s laws.

Good is chasing the Bad

Without the struggle, the good cannot be realized.

Verse 7

Allah has proportioned well the resources of the Soul. Man does not need anything more than beyond what Allah has already given him.

Verse 8

Man comes already equipped with his requirements.

Modesty is an inborn trait in man.

Allah has made Man as the parallel of cosmos in Man. Fujoor is the Night and Taqwa is the Daylight.

Don’t bring truth closer to you. Approach closer to it.

Verse 9

The initiative is from man.

Zaka also means increasing. Zakat when given to poor will increase the money flow in the economy.

Prophet is the greatest champion of Self purification.

Verse 10

Dassa : to soil or dirty it.

Jihad al akbar is the job of the Alam-al akbar.

The world will not comprehend you. It is vice versa.

The Sun and Moon are the spectators. You are the player.

Reflections by Jaihoon

A believer’s plan extends beyond the Day of Judgment.

Paradise would not have relevance without the Hell.

Man cannot escape from the limitations of manhood. But at the same time, he can rise higher more than anyone in His Creations.

When Subjective Truths and Falsehood co-habit it will lead to the victory of the objective Truth

Good and Evil are originally installed in man innately, not by external conditioning alone.

If you want to build a temple outside, build the foundation first inside you.

If happiness comes from delaying temptations, then a believer postpones his temptations for the akhira.

Islam is a lifetime process of polishing the Self from the impurities which corrupt it.