Gearing up for Umrah. April 05 2011

It’s hard to cool the heart when baked with love in the oven of desire. It is not an easy task to define and confine the meaning of our yearning. We hold dear certain persons and places as if they were genetically embedded into the veins of our soul.

I have always held dear even since I can remember and wish it remains the same till death. Nay, I want to cherish the scent of that Garden even as I lie beneath the soil. It is my rock-like conviction that the breeze from the Beloved will definitely bring comfort wherever I am, with the destined will of Almighty.

Although I have been times four to the blessed cities, this fifth visit is different with respect to my co-travelers and schedule of journey.

While previous trips have been with a caravan or friends and accompanied with wife and kid, this time I am blessed to accompany my parents. An opportunity worth special mention and appreciation to the Creator.

In earlier trips, the order was first the Holy Ka’aba and then to greet the Beloved. This time it has been reversed as per the decree of Lord.

Nevertheless, heart is not short of any killing excitement. The travel arrangements have been a very smooth experience. Allah has removed all hurdles in the path, including those due to my own heedlessness.

As it has been my previous experience, this trip too has been a result of the persuasion of my sincere friends. May the reward for it not fall short for them…

Umra is a wonderful opportunity; of repentance and blessings. There is a spirit of return of soul back to its essence like the bird to its nest or fish to the water. I pray to return back: emblazed and embered with His Love and Mercy.

April 05 2011