Notes of Umra 2011
At the Airport

I am still where I should be: waiting for the right time to board the flight. But my heart is already there. It remains restless, as if it were in the wrong place. How should I be greeting him? What should I be sharing with him? How should I be standing? I have to behave myself so well; I have to make sure even the air around Rawdha is not disturbed. My voice and tone have to be refined to its best capacity.

My parents have served me till date without expecting anything in return. They have raised me with comforts they themselves abandoned for my sake. Now it is time to show a little concern back to them during this trip. Payback time. I have to take care of them although they are still able to do it themselves.

I felt proud of facilitating this trip for them. From the travel documentation to hotel reservations, this was my arrangement. A humble gift for them. An effort to gain my paradise, which lie under the feet of my mother.