The Soul whispered: This is the most happening place in the universe. He is the ocean of light. He is my Sidra… I would burn if go further… Jaihoon’s travel notes from Umra pilgrimage

Day 01: Madina

We landed at the airport at 330am. We went to Harem in a taxi. After keeping the bags in the lodge, we walked to the Majid.

Even in the early morning hours, there is no lack of rush. The crowd, of old and young, men and women, have increased manifold compared to my previous visits. The Shade umbrellas have increased too. The tall white minarets along with the shades made it look like a white structure… in the Last Days when Dajjal, the Imposter, will approach this Holy City, will ask “Whose is that White Fort?”.

In the Masjid for the Fajr prayer. The adhan sounded, reverberating our hearts, and we recited the dua “Allahumma rabba hadhihi… Athi Muhammadin al waseela”… Oh Allah grant upon Muhammad the highest station of Al Waseela… only to realize that Beloved is laid to rest just few steps near us… tears run down the cheek in the joy and gratitude of reaching this blessed garden again…

I was now fully home. As if the bird flew into its nest, fish to the water, the child found its lost parent, body found its soul and nightingale saw its rose.

Here there is no banner except of Beloved. No slogan except of his love…. After fajr prayer, we headed to the Green Dome to greet salaam to the Beloved. Millions who flock there greet them with the firm conviction that he can hear their greetings and reply them… As I walked closer, heart started burning with his love so much that I could not walk any more near. Seeing the the Green Dome for the first time will cause tremor in the heart of any believer. The Soul whispered: This is the most happening place in the universe. He is the ocean of light. He is my Sidra… I would burn if go further…

His companions would address him during his lifetime, saying, Fidak abi wa ummi, ya Rasoolullah… May my dearest parents be sacrificed for you…

I too greeted the same with my parents standing beside me. We four wished him. Years of longing. Tears of yearning.

Inside the Masjid

The only identity here is of the Beloved. He is the sole priority here. Different races. Unfamiliar faces. Yet everyone here is polite and sweet to each other. No quarrel neither any talks idle. In others’ affairs shall no one meddle. Let love do all the talking.

I felt the angels too here are of a special creation. One does not get any evil thought. Even when alone, we are cautious of our inner instincts.

Wishes realized at once

Madina is city of miracles. It is the chamber of Destiny. All we need to do is wish and Allah will answer it in ways and times most unexpected. Two instances I personally experienced: Just when I sat after prayer intending to read the holy Book, a brother comes to me and hands over Quran in my hands; when I am dressed and ready to go to the Masjid and intend to apply perfume, my mother reaches out the bottle for me.

Ways of expressing love for Holy Prophet

The Companions in his assembly were of three types: who sat very close to him, who sat in the middle and those who sat at a distance and never spoke a word. Each class showed their love and respect in ways most sincere according to their conscience.

Visiting Madina is to perform the pilgrimage of Love. Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam.