Notes of Umra 2011
Madina : Day 02


Life is a continuous cycle of meeting and parting. One leads to another. Like spring and winter. Nay, Life and Death. So the bird has to leave the nest. And the fish out of water. Nightingale off the rose. We left by Isha prayer after bidding salaam to the Beloved.

The authorities have organized well the public transport system for the pilgrims. We availed the same and left for Makkah.

We stopped by Masjid Bir Ali for the Ihram. After a 20 minute break, the bus moved towards Makkah…

We report to many in our lives. We answer the call of our boss, colleagues, friends, family… now it was time to heed to the call of our Lord.

Labbaykk Allahumma labbayk… went on the mantra. Here I am at Thy service O Lord, here I am…


Out of the window are seen countless hills and mountains, dark and sturdy. It is nice to observe them sitting relaxed on the spacious seats of the VIP public transport with refreshments. But it is also true that it was through this route the Holy Prophet and As Siddique walked on foot, climbing the rocks, treading the sands and hiding in the caves from the vengeful Quraysh. For days and nights they walked, bearing the cold of night and heat of day, for spreading the Message of Truth. The Moon and stars would have eagerly watched the duo: one of them the Beloved of Allah and the other his faithful associate. It was probably in that journey that Abu Bakr learned the secrets from the Prophet, whatever he learned. Many incidents would have occurred in such a journey lasting many days, not just the few countable ones reported.

Hijra, from Makkah to Madina, was not simply migration of the Prophet alone. It was also the moment of transformation for the world from the dark primitive world to a civilized and enlightened world. Human Civilization attained a new status after the Prophet settled in Madina.

Labbaykk Allahumma Labbaykka… it was the Holy Prophet who taught humanity WHAT and HOW to call the Creator. And our love for him is a combination of absolute obedience, reverence and thanks. He is inevitable to reach GOD from the point where ends the human reasoning.

Labbaykk Allahumma Labbaykka… The Ka’aba begin to appear in the pupil of our heart’s eye.

And I scribbled these notes with the blessings of the reading light above my head.