– by Jaihoon

In the business of life I forgot
With the success of life I lost

Realized I not your affection
Inflicted upon you the solitary affliction

You kept open your eyes in longing
For my single glimpse you kept staring

Yet, I threw upon you thorns of pain
And you gifted me with roses of love

O the tireless lover!
Of this crazy wanderer!

With patience is your lamp lit
With my tsunami is your shore hit

Even as I dived into the ocean of Time
Your love alone turned to be the worthy pearl

Your love, showed me the paradise on earth
Your love, changed this demon to an angel

O the one maddened in my love!
O the one saddened in my love!

I swear to love you till death, but-
Pray for me even as I rest below the earth

May 26 2011