– by Jaihoon

Sky without the moon
Ring without the stone
Song without the melody
Garden without the rose
Shell without the pearl
Shelf without the books
Bottle without the perfume
Israel without Moses
Deserts without the sands
Monsoon without the rain
Body without the Heart
Leila without Majnun

Ah! I could imagine any such naught-
But world without Muhammad not!

This world is as good as naught
Had his Light been naught

He is the ultimate brick in the Tower of Life
He is the Gem in the Ocean of Existence

His is the light of my culture and nurture
His is the pen wherefrom comes my every letter

Love and its description is he
Life and its meaning is he

Flower and its scent is he
Moon and its light is he

Science and its proof is he
Faith and its creed is he

Prayer and its answer is he
Power and its justice is he

Heart and its love is he
Eye and its vision is he

I and my good is he
I may be naught, not he!

In hell and heaven I’d disbelieved
Were it not told by His Beloved

Mistake not these lines as mine
The Tablet had it long ago written

I am only being just to myself
As I sing his song to others

Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam