– by Jaihoon

I have heard from the learned
For every joy shall we give count

We would be asked-
Comforts we relaxed

Greater its prize
Severe be its quiz

Merchant be asked
Goods he amassed

Scholar to explain
Use of wisdom gain

King to give count
Power he was bound

Warrior to give reason
For his sword’s treason

Gardener to say why
Roses which turned dry

O my heart-caged love!

I too about your love be grilled
If to Him gratitude I spelled

Your love, most precious
No other dish, so delicious

This life, too less
My love, to you confess

Since I drank from your river
Healed I am of my solitary fever

O my heart-caged love!

Love too is a part of worship-
This love-note, holy, not gossip

Aug 08 2011

(An Anniversary poem)