Highlights of the speech at the medical fundraising event at Hilltop School, Maravanchery
Aug 27 2011

When I was a school boy, my teacher once appointed me the class leader in her absence. I was to control the classroom as her representative. It was a simultaneous moment of joy and responsibility. Now imagine if I were appointed the representative of the school principal? Or say, if the Prime Minister of the nation had hired me to represent him!

Dear friends. We are all appointed as the representatives of God on this earth. And that gives us tremendous opportunity and responsibility in our interaction with the rest of humanity. We have to be merciful and loving for their state of life. And you have set an example by donating generously for the free treatment of kidney patients in the district of Malappuram. I am told by Suresh Polpakkara, the Malappuram District Panchayat member, that this is the first of its kind in Kerala.

Few days back I came across a news headline that an underground river in Brazil was named after a Keralite (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hamza_River ). You too should take a pledge to make your teachers and parents proud of your achievements. You should work hard with sincerity and dedication such that even God takes pride in your creation.

Jai Hind!