by Mujeeb Jaihoon

Let Jaihoon tell you a tale
Of a crazy nightingale

For many it’d be without head and tail
But, for a few hearts will it indeed trail

There was a time
Not a distant time

When anything from HIM
He began to seek
Tears on tears
Would flow down his cheek.

Don’t know why
Every night he would cry
When in the prayer
To HIM was he nigh.

In midst of the tearful stream
His cheerful smile would gleam

‘coz he knew very well
That no matter whatever his haal

The moment he made a call
Such as… Ya Dhal Jalaal

Everything would become fine
Although there remained some pain.

Even now his hands are rising
Towards the Qibla when he’s facing
Subhanallah!… he says while praising
But into his heart they aren’t piercing.

Don’t know why
He can no longer cry?

Ah! Where are the tears gone
That his friends saw in his eyes shone?

In his once-fertile heart
There grew diverse crops
Some of it he ate
And gave others
Before it’s too late.

Ah! What has happened?
In the salty waters
His bean-like heart
Is still not ripened?

He is living in doubt
Not knowing where is the fault

Nothing he learnt
From the joy of flight
Unashamed and impatient
He wants to halt.

What a headache is this?
His own pain can’t he realize.

Ah! Pity this weak one!
Poor thing, to help him is no one!

Ah! His only weapon was lost
When faced was he with a test.

In that perilous and solitary night
When Devil with him was in fight
To confuse between wrong and right
Was fighting with all his might.

His head hangs in shame
In front of those who blame

“My Merciful Him
Who loves me”

Ah! He is cherishing those powerful words
As if they were some precious stones
How lovely! How dearly!
Yet words so rare
To hear so recently.

This truth is not known too all
That, When there is no pain at all
The ball of joy in life will fail to roll

O Reader!
Until you know your pain
The joy in life you shall not gain.

Some things said,
Others remain unsaid
Here it ends.

The moral if you missed
Of this incomplete story
Excuse! For you I am sorry!

From this crime me if you absolve
A greater sin from you will HE forgive!

When the rose from nightingale parted
With the Cool Breeze was he comforted.


Haal: state, condition

Ya Dhal Jalaal : O the One Full of Majesty.