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Malayalam Tafsir by Simsarul Haq Hudawi (Oct 29 2011)

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Notes to follow from the #Malayalam Quran commentary by Simsarul Haq Hudawi (Oct 29 2011) at Abu Dhabi Indian Islamic center.

Eid is among the holy days of Islam. How can then one commit excesses on that blessed day?

Arafa is a day on which Allah has sworn. It shows the significance of such a day

The fasting on the day of Arafa will undo the sins of the previous and coming year.

Scholars opine that the fasting on Arafa day may become a reason to prolong our lifetime by one more year.

Arafa is a day of bonanza for forgiveness from Almighty.

There is no doubt in the fulfillment of duas on the day of Arafa.

Belief in the hereafter is central to the core beliefs in Islam

When a human being is killed, it is also the killing of the countless generations who would be born through him.

A kaafir is literally the one who conceals the truth of the Unity and existence of Almighty Lord

Ingratitude is another form of tyranny against the true nature of humanity

No camera has been ever invented which is superior to our eyes

The one who rushes out after the five times prayer is he who has nothing to ask his LORD.

When GOD removes a calamity from a man, he turns away as if he had never asked HIM for anything

Two ق are dangerous in history : Qarun for arrogance of wealth and Qabeel for murder due to envy

We may have the talents. But it is ALLAH who gives the opportunity to express it.

Qarun prided that his wealth was a result of his own knowledge and prudence

Often it is our ego which prevents us from accepting the truth.

Faith makes sense only in an ecosystem of freedom.