by Jaihoon

O Praised One

By the One and Only One.

With the message of Iqra’

Lord chose you as His Rasool.

Towards you is our Hijrah

O dear father of Zahra Batool.

You are our pride and prestige

At a time when there’s no refuge.

Our own leaders

Have left us in the lurch

By making us falsely suppose

The State is different from the church.

You became the talk of the earth and heaven

Ever since the right of Kawthar to you were given.

How much to praise you?

How much to love you?

Believe this sinner, O My Leader

All My love I am longing to give you.

Although not a miraculous saint

Your love at times does make me faint.

Ah! Your love cause my voice to break,

When about you to my dear one I speak.

O Allah! This Jaihoon has not with him too many deeds,

That will save him from the Fire which on man feeds.

But he does have a little heart that with love bleeds,

Whenever blessings upon Your Beloved he eagerly reads.

Sallallahu ala Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wa sallam !

December 11th 2002 during the Maghrib-Isha break.


Iqra : read. The very first word of Revealation

Hijra: Prophet’s emigration to Madina

Zahra Batool: Hazrat fatimah, the legendary daughter of Prophet

state and church: separation of religion from politics

Kawthar: literally means ‘in abundance’. In reference to a fountain to be granted by Allah to Prophet in the hereafter

Fire: the Hell-fire