– by Jaihoon

The joy of Nightingale had no limits
When it saw Rose for the first time

Moth had no words to describe its ambition
When it met the Flame for the first time

The Cup out of love became intoxicated
When filled with Wine for the first time

Majnun kept his senses aside
When he saw Leila for the first time

The sky began to cry with excitement
When Moon appeared for the first time

Alas! The first time is indeed the testing time
Of Love and Loyalty, only time’s the first time

I asked Gabriel, chief of the angelic host
Of joy and pride when was your time first?

Replied he,

“As I descended towards the Mount Blessed-
And had the vision of His Beloved first

Then did I praise my Lord the most
Who chose Mustafa, His dear most

Unfound is anyone of his like
On earth and heaven none alike

Adam’s repentance
Noah’s perseverance

Abraham’s sacrifice
David’s praise

Moses’ patience
Jesus’ forgiveness

Lord made him the Sultan of Goodness
Perfection of form and spirit his rareness

A sight of him will suffice you in life
A sight of him will save you after death

He is the signboard to paradise
Humanity’s path to progress

Of Science and Arts, he’s the teacher
For the poets and philosophers, the rapture

O Jaihoon. Lord alone knows his secret
A mystery hidden since the beginning of Time”

December 9, 2011. Inspired during the Friday semon.