– by Jaihoon

A tribute to my Spiritual Mother Lady Khadija (ra), the wife of Holy Prophet, and the first believer in Islam

It was mid of the day, and
Earth’d turned to oven’s clay

Even the young became exhausted
White-bearded men in shade rested

But an Old Lady is on her way out
She gives a deaf ear to Sun’s shout

With her is a pack of bread
Made for her Solitary Beloved

She headed towards a cave-mount
Where he sat in moments silent

He was loved and respected by all
Yet he disagreed with their ways of idol

He was in pursuit of the Ultimate Truth
Nothing else could quench his thirst

He spent days and months alone
An inner voice had told him of the One

She defied her age as she climbed up
Her feet and head wearied not a bit

She was a merchant well-known
Many trade-caravans did she own

She believed as much in his pursuit, and-
When he brought the truth, she mirrored

She fed and cared for the Himalaya of Light
And down flowed Ganges with rays of Change

She was the pillar who supported the Sultan
When he had neither army nor any weapon

She was his confidence and courage
Although she was elder to him in age

Noble souls like hers-
Make Lord’s creations worth

The pebbles under her feet worth more
Than the pearls on paradise’ shore

With love and wealth for His beloved
The old lady Merchant bought the paradise

Dec 11 2011.

The term OLD lady is based on the following incident reported by Al-Bukhari:
“I was never, jealous of any of the Prophet’s wives (pbuh) except Khadija because the Prophet frequently remembered her. One day, he remembered her, therefore I said, What do you do with an old woman, and Allah favored you with someone better than her (meaning herself)’? The Prophet (pbuh) said, “No, by Allah! He does not give me a better one than her. She believed me while people disbelieved. When they called me a liar, she alone remained true. She enriched me when people deprived me. Allah has favored her with my offspring, and from nobody else.