– by Jaihoon

O the sweetest song to sing
O the greatest story to narrate
O the most eloquent speech to articulate
صل الله عليك

O hero of Cosmos
O basin of mercy
O treasure of love
O rain of compassion
صل الله عليك

My sword and shield
My mount and tent
O Beloved,
Tis hard to say what you are not (for me).
صل الله عليك

As death will come knocking on door of life
O Love, I shall welcome it with your love
صل الله عليك

Your love, the tag on my soul
Your desire, the weapon in my battle
Be it on earth or paradise,
For sure, I shall not be driven away
صل الله عليك

This world a solitary market
Your love is the carnival here
صل الله عليك

Are you not my thirst
Are you not my kawthar…?
صل الله عليك

Ever since lovers climbed the mount of your Love
They have become strangers to their own being
صل الله عليك

Your love has chained their consciousness
Now they think and feel with the light of your love.
صل الله عليك

Lord created the world and it glorified Him
Alas, the Lord found His Beloved in you
صل الله عليك

Hands give up as I begin to write about you
And Soul starts to scream it’s passion out…
صل الله عليك

Dec 24 2011. Chennai