– by Jaihoon

An incident from the life of late Sayyid Muhammadali Shihab Thangal (May Allah bless him)

The Sultan was on his way back
From a trip that several hours took

While the driver steered across the road
His heart was lost in the books’ world

A booklover since his days young
For moments of solitude he’d yearn

Days and nights as a candle he burned
For those wounded with pain he consoled

Destiny gave him powers of every kind
Yet as a saint to every creature was he kind

He walked daily across corridors of dominion
Yet not for once he craved ever for a position

Books were truly his dearest friends
He took them along while on long distance

As the car passed swiftly through a wild route
An old lady and girl’s sight caught his sight

Men of God are large in their heart and glance
For, ‘they see the world with the light of HIS’

Even as they are lost in the world of vision
They lose not the sight of those in pain

Love for all sits atop in their agenda
Rich & poor are guests in their veranda

The old lady wailed for a helping hand
For the poor girl was expecting a child

They had been waiting on road for long
For a God-sent angel to some relief bring

The Sultan stopped and enquired
At once he resolved at what’s required

He asked his driver to take them to town
So that the little-life could be in relief born
And he would wait on the road
Until the car from town returned

But to leave his master alone in the wild
Fear over fear in driver’s heart piled

His master always spoke in sound mild
But when he disobeyed, Master fumed

The car speeded towards the hospital
And the Sultan waited alone in a land fatal

The king whom thousands thronged
Now stood lonely on the wild roadside

He remained there for very long
Until the driver finally returned

Destiny called him the Blazing Sayyid
Though an Indian, Arab was his blood

Sultan and Sufi were one in him
World of Books truly endeared him

He carved an era of peace and tolerance
Love was his melody of speech and silence

His calm, but blazing smile
Eclipsed every violent call

Though to the call of death he did answer
He remains alive in our hearts’ chamber

Love is the greatest miracle of a true Sufi
Spreading HIS Love alone make them happy

Dec 31 2011. Chennai