Ya Allah! Allow me
To live little more
For, Your Beloved I wish
To further adore

May my heart
With his love burn
To follow him,
May my life learn

Strange indeed is this
Thing called love
No any rest nor any leisure
For the lover does it allow

Every now and then
He is in constant moan
Even in midst of the common crowd
His heart is alone when grazing the field

Strange indeed is this
Thing called love
With no regards to the cup’s size
The wine exceeds the brim’s flow

Therefore, O Al Ghafoor,
Spread open my heart
For the Beloved
To make his path

May my eyes be pure and chaste
So that a glance on Your Beloved I may cast

Jaihoon is not among those
Who can Your Deen eloquently preach
Yet, include me along those
Who can Your Beloved’s love far reach

Set me free from pride
Even as slight as a mustard seed

Let not envy on my heart feed
As fire consumes it like the dry weed

Make me brave and bold
But never anger on me unfold

For ambitious heights do I go an aspire
When the Full Moon in me does love inspire

My dreams never will cease
Unless death on me will play its tease

But O Generous Lord.

Even for the Devil
Much respite did you avail

So, grant this sinner
When in the Qabr
The fortune to honor
Who shone as Qamar

Strange indeed is this
Thing called love
Whenever I think of Your Beloved
All my worries cease, or get halved.

sallallahu ala Muhammad, sallallahu alaihi wa sallam!


Al Gafoor: Most Forgiving

Pride and mustard seed: A man who has pride in heart even as little as a mustard seed will not enter paradise (Hadith) [Thankful to a friend who brought this Hadith into my attention]

Envy and fire: Jealousy will eat up the good deeds just as fire consumes wood (Hadith)

Brave and anger: Strong among you are those who control their anger (Hadith)

Devil and respite: The Satan was given respite until the Last day despite his damnation by God.

Qamar: Moon

Written on Wednesday, January 08, 2003 during break hours at office.