Summary of Jaihoon’s speech at the SIGN Zonal Conference held in Dubai, Jan 20 2011. SIGN is led by Sayyid Munawwarali Shihab Thangal and Rashid Gazzali

Dear Friends.

We are blessed in one way or other. Some are fortunate to have excess wealth while others are intellectually more capable than their fellow beings. Yet there are others who are more fortunate with their social skills. But it is not suffice that our blessings remain arrested within our selfish prisons. Our talents and resources attain new meanings when they are distributed for the betterment of those around us. SIGN, the Kerala-based human resources development and training initiative, is an excellent platform for all of us to share our economic, intellectual and social wealth for the society.

While Im no social media activist, I have done my little part at this very moment to share the notes and thoughts about the topics discussed here. The photos too are posted on the networking sites.

You too can go home and share your reflections about this event. We should all spread the awareness of this noble initiative which will help thousands of our younger generation. Even our grown-ups in Kerala will benefit from their counseling and training programs. Our brothers & sisters can achieve academic and social guidance. Family breakups can be avoided.

Lets all sign-in into the world of SIGN.