– Jaihoon

O Allah!
Conceal my heart
And its wondrous wealth
From the world’s eyes
Filled with envious filth

Where am I in need
Of praises for my deed?
When did I desire
For my words any honor?

In the eyes of the crowd
I seem to be proud
And they call me a fraud
When my actions not speak aloud

(They say)
‘His ways are of conceit,
Beware of this hypocrite’

With this and that
Me they curtly accuse
Ah! Even a human face
Me they harshly refuse

It is painful indeed
When at such a period
The dear ones too
In blaming takes the lead.

O ruthless friend!
Do you really think
Jaihoon’s hopes can you sink?
Feel not your words of blame
Will make my heart go lame.

Yet, I care not the slightest bit
Whether for you I befit
As long as with His Love
My heart is always lit

O Lord of Might and Power!
Enamor my Ego
Make me an emerald
Sharpen my Ego
Make me a sword
Polish my Ego
Make me as pure gold.

Ah! Make me not a ‘ring of smoke’
That weakens on a single tender stroke

Stir my soul
In and out
Inspire my heart
With the poetic clout

Wash away my entire sins
Make me as the day I was born since

Grant me the fortune to connect
Between the inner word and outer act

Yet I care not
What others think
As long as with You
Is my heart’s link


… as the day I was born since : every child is born in purity, free from sins.

Written on Thursday, January 16th, 2003, in reply to critics remarks.