Source: MadhyamamOnline,

(Kollam, Kerala:) “The partition of India could have been avoided, had leaders including Nehru accepted Gandhi?s wish to make Mohammed Ali Jinnah as the Prime Minister of India” said
Venkata Kalyanam, the personal assistant of Gandhi.

He was speaking at the ?Meet the Press? program organized by the Press Club. ?Predicting there be communal violence in the wake of Partition, he knew that making Jinnah the Prime Minister of the country was the only solution. But this was not acceptable for the majority of Hindu leaders within Congress. Nehru, who realized he would never get a chance to be in the post if the young Jinnah would become the PM, also did not support the opinion of the Father of Nation. Gandhi had said Nehru to be the private secretary of the Prime Minister, and not the Prime Minister himself. He also expressed his desire that a farmer should reach such a position. (of Prime Minster) .

Had Jinnah been the prime Minster and the Partition were averted, the people of India would be living today in peace.

The politicians were destroying the post-partition India. Corruption and moral decay can be seen anywhere. The parliamentarians are living in luxury. A peaceful revolution is required against this.?

After the death of Gandhiji, Venkata Kalyanam left his residence in Delhi and is presently settled at Chennai.