The Jaihoon is on its way
Towards the Land thats blessed
Greet my friends, take care of him,
For he is not a ordinary man,
The love of beloved of Hijaz &
The ?living ink? of poet of the East
Coming on your way;
The Jaihoon is on its way
Oh! ?the city of Hyder? **
Give all the due respect & love
Shelter & protect form bad & evil
For he carries little blessing in his Blossom &
A beloved better half of his life
I send him, with all the prayers towards you
Greet well, the Soil of Hind
From the land of Arab, comes
The beloved of Hind;
My soul flutters in body to reach too
For I too smell the fragrance, once
That my Ummi Prophet* Did &
Presenting the Sallam
at the feet of Beloved Merciful Nabih *
Received Blessing for Eternity
Here comes my friend,
O! Land of Hind
O! the city of Hyder**
The Jaihoon is on its way

– Musafir