Posted at 1am Sep 23 2005

Ustad Habibullah Maulavi, a prominent Kerala Muslim scholar based in Sharjah, passed away tonight (Sep 22, 2005) at around 8pm. He was admitted at a a local hospital after suffering cardiac attack.

He has delivered religious lectures throughout his life both in Kerala and the Gulf region. He believed in the traditional approach to Islamic preaching and also encouraged the Ummah to increase their good deeds instead of wasting time in controversial topics. He was also critical of those religious figures who misused their influence in the society for their vested interests.

He used to conduct regular lectures at Sharjah on every Sundays attended by a small group of families. He was respected by the entire community and several organizations would seek his advice on crucial matters.

Jaihoon has had the fortune to interact with him very closely and his lectures influenced to a great extend. Incidentally, the last function he attended was “Ripples”, an event held at Habibullah Maulavi seated on the right and Jaihoon on extreme leftSharjah to commemorate the’s successful completion of 5 years the release of three books. He was very supportive and encouraged all my humble works. He would embrace me and pray for my success whenever we met.

May Allah bestow upon him peace and forgiveness. Aameen!

Please remember him in your duas.