May 23, 2005.

“The Gulf-Kerala relationship is not just about economics alone. There are other socio-cultural aspects which influence them”, said Dr. Hussain Randathani, the renowned historian at a breakfast meeting on a humid morning.

He has been the editor of the family magazine “Poonkavanam” besides authoring several books on Islamic history and mysticism. He obtained his PhD from Aligarh University and is currently working on other research topics as well.

He was familiar with, especially MeraWatan, the section dealing with the Sand dunes and Paddy field relationship. He praised its friendly interface and quick loading – two factors which he believe are most important for the visitor’s impression about the site. Dr. Randathani said it was essential for historians to present the bygone past in a language understood by the common man. He also expressed his discontent about the partisan outlook of Kerala Muslims and called upon them to have a unified stand on important matters.

Being a principal of a prominent community college in Malappuram, Dr. Randathani is also invited to attend many historic seminars around the state. Jaihoon was presented with a few books of the historian including Nizamudhin Auliya, Sufism guruparampakal (Schools of Sufism).