– by Jaihoon

Man has become so mean
Remembers not he what Life means

The world has ceased to exist
For him, even own self he resists

Of need and greed he fails to separate
Everything in life he wishes to accumulate

Nothing good comes out his soul
All that oozes from him is the evil

I asked to Hallaj in a dream-

Life and times are mine short
Tell me a good I may do fast

What to share is the greatest
Yet to give is the simplest?

Replied the Martyr Saint of Baghdad –

‘I shall tell you of a wonderful thing
To share and care is no other such a thing

Conceal it not in your heart
Reveal it to all before you part

It is the right of every son of Adam
Lay it bare and give it freedom

My son, Truth is the greatest good
To be told open sans any hood

Whatever little of it you know
Let it among your friends flow

Hold it not to ransom
Liberate it from your bosom

Help the one you love
Let him too taste the Truth-hive

Share this heavenly wine
Think not it is ‘only mine’

If you love your enemy like Hussein
Then reveal it to save the people and king

Truth is indeed a wonderful thing
To share and care is no other such a thing

Feb 21 2012


Hallaj : Mansur Al Hallaj, the popular mystic saint who was martyred for his controversial utterance anal Haqq, I am the Truth, widely condemned as pantheistic by the scholars.

Hussein : Imam Hussein (May Allah be pleased with him) who was martyred at Kerbala for opposing the then dictatorial regime of Yazid.

This poem is inspired from the Quranic chapter Al Asr